Another Somethin'

by JND/jas0nbeats

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    Artwork by Tim Needham
    Shouts to MATT I.D. & Martin Lovegrove for some photoshop assistance too.

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released December 1, 2016

Recorded by me
Mixed and mastered by me and Noz
Artwork by Tim Needham
Shouts to MATT I-D and Martin Lovegrove for some photo-shop assistance too.



all rights reserved


JND/jas0nbeats Bradford, UK

JND (MC name), jas0nbeats (beat-making name) of Flame Griller, Tough Crowd, JNDANZ

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Track Name: Another Somethin'
Pen to paper, it's a deadly combination, swift /
with the strokes, ink covered scripts, catch a sudden glimpse /
Of how this stubborn minded, government despising kid /
Couples lines together manifested by the life he lives /

No time for cider swiggin', hanging round coz life's a bitch /
Unless your working hard for what you want, if not it's quits /
I'll never throw the towel in, fight until my force depletes /
And keep my discipline and self-respect the high priorities /

I'm tryna live my awkward dream the only way I know /
And float away with tones that capture my escapin' soul /
The many things that burn can turn you into summat new /
Don't let em all define you, but don't forget em either (true) /

Watch your plots and what you're scheming too /
Legal money's not the easy route / still at night I'm soundly sleeping through /
Different dreams to you; contented is the word I'd use /
We're far from millionaires but living proof

You can flourish though the systems rules are set up for you to flippin' lose /
You get taxed on what you earn, taxed on what you use /
Taxed on inheritance that's been taxed before /
Stacks of tax, and if you're poor and graft you get shafted more /

The rich aren't paying taxes, their banks are off the shore /
Meanwhile if you're not a brick in it, you're off the wall /
And soon they're after yours, why aren't you paying in /
That's when you realise the game you're playin's one you'll never win /

The same old JND, moaning 'bout another somethin' /
But what they're talking's nothing new an' always lacks the substance /
You can ask the public /
A small percentage give a damn and the rest of 'em don't listen to the words or subject /

It doesn't mean as much to them, though it should do /
Might be paying more than us but hardly feel the funds move /
And when the cards are dealt, you could lose /
Or decide it's just hoops you've got to jump through to make it, once you /

See it that way, it's a step into the right direction /
Is it contrived to mention wars or money spent on weapons /
While payday lenders take advantage turning some to peasants /
Gold shop's spending for your heirlooms, unburied treasures /

I know fast food's the cheapest meal at two for one /
But the NHS time bomb ticking's one that soon'll come /
The betting shops'll offer better odds than doctors will /
Our hearts are clogged with filth, never mind what's on the grill /

Assess the time you've got to fill /
Is watching telly what you want, all these polished images distort the real /
Sometimes it feel's we've caught the rawest deal /
Others need support but still they wonder why the desperate then are forced to steal /

I can see the day coming where the rich survive it /
And the poor can't afford the medicine to save their lives it's /
The Darwinism of the modern age /
Where those evolved often reign, and those oblivious have lost their way /
Track Name: Late Nights
I'm pulling late nights, thinking where's this time going? /
The wrong side of 29 and look what I've chosen /
A man who dabbles with the words like the rest of 'em /
I'll probably wind up tired while expressing some /

Many thought's my head has spun... every single one is goin' round /
Over-thinking things, steady spiral, need it slow it down /
I'm staying cautious, asking for advice again /
But will I heed it, for now what's on my mind is finding strength /

Always playing tricks on me with surprise regrets /
Rewind the steps, choices made, I feel, were quite correct /
I try to switch it off before the boiling point occurs /
Other times you can't stop the tears before they fall to t'earth /

Perusing happiness through other means /
Drink and drugs top the list for most with some other stuff that's in-between /
Art's my main outlet, airing out my darkened judgement /
Coz your heart hurts when contemplating self-destruction /

A few have felt the button, but never gone to press it /
Nor have I, to much to live for plus you might regret it /
The will to live goes beyond the psychological /
As does the death wish, life in't optional /

It's hard over-coming any obstacle, specially when it's in your head /
That's when you're seeing blinkered as you take a step /
Struggling to change direction, but when you face the threat /
It's not worth the time its spent circling your mind unless it's paying rent /

Don't let those thoughts win, they'll weigh you down /
We've all the same problems, let them out /
Just talk to someone who'll give you time /
That's all it takes go on clear your mind /
Track Name: Another Way
Words are all I have, I got them in abundance though /
Unlock the substance of my soul, designed push my growth /
And change the rainy days around me to a sunny climate /
And it's funny climbing ladders on this fuckin' island /

And I'm a stubborn guy when it comes to money piling up I'm tiring /
Need to take a step back and look, the time is now /
Got to make a difference / and all the while I've prayed for wisdom /
I've grown tired of time spent playing the victim /

In a drama that's my own creation, serious /
But I'm not tryna be a success, it's merely this /
I need some patience, and way more than seven days /
Then I'd say I can make it, maybe there's another way /

I don't mean another place; coz where I'm happy's here /
I'm doin' better than I let myself think, it's weird /
Probably lacking self-esteem like the rest of you /
No bravado, my hopes the cargo in each sentence, proof /

You can find my heart on my sleeve, look no tattoo's /
Defined by the road I choose to walk, that only suits /
I and I alone; proud of everything I've done /
So here's a toast to now and all the things to come /

(cause) maybe there's another way and I just haven't found it yet /

Woke hazy, I'll be hanging for a while today /
And I'm smiling, don't know why but it's a nicer change /
Pretty sure of nothing, life isn't promised, so /
Accept what you've got to hold onto but you've got to know /

It's what you want, if it isn't then it's got to go /
Need to prove to yourself you haven't lost control /
Don't play the part if you don't want the role /
And think outside the box to grow, and soon you'll prosper if you lock the goals /

Into place and it seems that optimisms strange /
Within the days of fickle hearts, we aren't the flippin' same /
My goals consist of changing where I'm at to where I want to be /
And I'm down to put the graft in, that I promise me /

You don't often meet people who are philanthropic /
RIP Sinoptic, to live the dream's the logic /
On that Aesop/Lucy vibe until the day I'm leaving /
My words display the reasoning, certain that you'll take the meaning /

Home and understand the passion, I've not got time for fashion /
Or celebrity you need to heed that time is passing /
Faster as you're getting older, focus on the finer things /
And live to see the day you finally win /
Track Name: Gold Chain
They got their eye on the gold chain, I'm sayin' no way Jose /
Can't afford to rock my whole wage when my goals ain't /
Based around fashion sense, classy threads, so lame /
Even when beggars ask, I'm steppin' past, no change /

Shruggin' like I'm sorry, too focussed on my worlds agenda /
Get Rich or Die Tryin' isn't worth the effort /
Coz I'll never have a million and look where it got William /
A thirst for money where the plot killed him /

And I'm learnin' to enjoy life more /
Where cash doesn't rule everything around this shore /
Of course money is needed, but I'm fortunate here /
I'm not on't breadline struggling, suffer in fear /

Coz the rents due - more bills then red letters /
Tired of your tea being toast with red Leicester /
Aspire to dreams, keep hopes and they'll bless you /
Don't give up on yourself, you're not meant to /

Friends, family, shelter, warmth, hot food /
Health, sanity, clean water, a wash too /
If these are all that you've got you've been luckier /
Than most on the planet, that's God's truth I'll put to you /

Yet we're still gettin' sucked into a rat race /
Where material possessions are your class base /
Feelin' lucky coz of whats occurring right now /
And time makes the difference, change your thinking or it's lights out /

Don't you stop, keep on /
Pushing for, your goal /
Live for you and yours /
You can win, I know /

You shouldn't ever play the game to lose it /
Always put full effort into anything you do, this the only way to successes /
It takes time and nuff guesses but you'll improve and adjust methods /

And this involves the will to win /
Keep a hold tight as Silvikrin, coz things tryna fill you in /
Won't do if you're fighting like you should be doing /
And I use writing, it's a good influence, pushing through this /

Self-doubting me, a lot more before now /
Any thoughts that I've talked out can assure how /
It's advice for me, and when I can't do anymore thinking /
I just look ahead and walk, blinkered to ignore glimpses /

Of a life I used to lead, I'm in a better place /
With the lessons learnt, getting work and a better wage /
And that's only coz I graft hard for seven days /
If I need to, shouts to t'dole dossing renegades /

Those scamming who smoke, drink and celebrate this /
Everyday fully knowing that they're rent is paid in /
Those who struggle to cope, sink, so many payments /
On the brink still squinting at their mini-statements /

And life isn't fair, that s'why I care less /
Than I used to do, worrying and gettin' there stressed /
Told you now I'm only caring for my circle /
And understand my patience is a virtue /
Track Name: Candles Light
I float on by in the slipstream, breathless /
And what's occurring in't something I'll get with /
I seem to flounder, the progress is slow /
A leaf in the wind blown from trees then it snows /

Crunched underfoot, too often for my taste /
We earn stripes, pain hardens your mind-frame /
Toughen up, redefine sane and cope with it /
Even if your hearts blood soaked, fuck the broken bits /

Adjust and cloak the rips /
Contain the pain amongst the notes I've written solely for myself to notice, switch /
And change my focus quick /
See inside to know I'm different, I spose that's it to gain respects my only wish /

Coz I'm not meetin' my approval, keep the standards high /
And you should stand aside, you've a lesser chance than I /
My only plans to write, find love and sample life /
Before the shifting sands of time put out my candles light /

Coz I can feel time flying by, and what the hell have I achieved? /
A whole lot of nothing, still thinking where'd I'd like to be /
At least I didn't quit when that thought was circling /
The trap door I swerved to change course, was it lurking then? /

Huh, absolutely. What a path to choose, we /
Rue what could have been, when, in fact, that's the beauty/
The secret to the words I've written down /
The lessons learnt change you, some fade while others stick around /

And some'll hurt more than others did /
5 years not so much, but 8 months, well, that's the cut that drips /
That tender spot sore, you ignore though you shouldn't /
There's not a day that passes by when you wish it wouldn't /

Was that a glimpse of summat or the drink I'm supping /
In my system, playing tricks, emphasising something /
That should be left alone, coz that time has passed /
And the wick has long since burnt down despite the wax /

I see the flame flicker, dancing to a different rhythm /
And some get snuffed out sooner than they should have, isn't that a reason /
For the seeds of doubt planted here /
So while my candle burns, my time's spent tryna mask the fear /
Track Name: More Time
Time passing, feel it more as you're getting older /
When you were younger used to wish away the years, they told you /
How you shouldn't do and just enjoy the time remaining /
I remember year 2, Mrs Burden and my mind escaping /

Far from academic /
My SAT scores told the story of a lad progressing /
At a rate on the cusp of just below the level set by t'curriculum /
I blame my handwriting, still messy now as it was then /

Let's skip back to when I was younger /
My mum used to write me short stories, little poems about her son to /
Help develop this imagination /
I'd like to thank her for the time she'd taken /

Coz if it wasn't for her influence, I probably wouldn't rap today /
And if I didn't then I probably would have passed away /
Coz this writing helps to keep me sane /
I don't do it for another reason /

I s'pose it's cool I get to stand on stage /
But I'm not arsed about being centre of attention for the rest o't'time I pass my days /
More concerned with politics than fashion, that's displayed /
In any page I've wrote my piece on /

Let's take it back to Year 8 in my second school /
English project Xanadu got me feeling super stupid /
Bottom of the class till the end of year eleven /
Still achieved a 'C' in English, even I din't think I'd do it /

And sometimes you can surprise yourself /
Even though you might be doubtful coz of someone else's standards high as hell /
Why should buy that dream they're tryna sell? /
That in't for everyone /

Should be doing x by this age, and y by that /
Y'can't have z before x and y, that's fact /
But everyone's an individual trnya find a different route /
And their goals wouldn't fit with you /

I need more time, coz there's too many things to do /
And I can feel every sand grain steady slipping through /
The clock ticking got me feeling blue /
Coz we don't live forever /

I need more time, to enjoy it while I'm living too /
And spend a larger portion more so with the people who /
Deserve it, and that's all you need to do /
Coz we don't live forever /
Track Name: Busy
Why won't you leave me be /
Can't you see I'm busy? /
Go bother someone else /
Can't you see I'm busy? /
I'm not giving you my time /
Can't you see I'm busy, now /

I don't wanna do nothin' but lay in this exact spot /
Let me relax, cotch, pay no attention to the damn clock /
Alarm ringing coz the hands stopped /
Only for a split second, hit snooze and I've lost /

Another 5 minutes never seems to make a difference /
Can't remember any dreams I've had of late they're missing /
Usually, I'm sleep deprived, stay up too late through the week at night /
Hardly fall into the deepest kind /

So when I say I'm busy laying here /
I know I should be getting up, though it's cold and now the rain's appeared /
Feeling sorry for myself, I'm outside again /
Inner-monologue fight's to win another five is when /

The alarm starts chiming in, throwing back the covers /
Feel the coldness rush, as I skulk toward the cupboards /
Reaching for a cup, waiting on the kettles ping /
Working 9-5, pouring some ambition in /

Another victim of the seasonal cold /
Nose streaming, modern man is yet to beat it's resolve /
No amount of medication seems to weaken it's hold /
Need a week off, I'm told by my body, now the fever's involved /

Can't afford to be defeated, although /
The time off would be a blessing, turn the heating up loads /
Because I'm freezing in clothes, plus my coat still shivering /
Gotta hunt notes, if I don't I'll owe triple when /

My bills come, January always does me in /
Tryna show discipline, could do with Bernard's Watch for a minute then /
I'd maybe settle into getting better /
Doesn't feel I ever will, the virus win's on every level /

I've coughed my lungs up a couple times /
Used at least half a tree to get the snot out-my muffled mind /
I want a decent sleep breathing through my nose instead /
The fever's got me dreaming vivid, sweating out the cold in bed /

Stands to reason when it's winter, I'm outside again /
And the breeze you wish for in summers nine times the strength /
Take your height, multiplied 5 times in length, vertical /
Hanging on for life as I apply cement /

The storm brewing in the distance is one I resent /
Funny how my time is spent in winter keeping dry your heads /
In Summer climbing under floors, in spaces tiny yet /
When it's pissing down I'm on a roof with slates or tiles to dress /

I feel the pressure on because I've not got long to finish /
The light is fading plus the clouds are looking twice the threat /
Closer still, I see the valley start to darken, as I've often witnessed /
Sheets of rain that move in from across the west /

So now I'm soaking through, my shoulders wet /
Focused as the final slate's positioned, hammering, I hold my breath /
And sigh, the heaven's opened, could have waited till I'd finished /
I guess that mother nature hasn't patience for the jobs I'm sent /
Track Name: Moan, Moan, Moan
Moan, moan, moan, I can't help it /
Moan, moan, moan, s'what I like to do /
Moan, moan, moan, but we all do /
Moan, moan, moan, it's just a British thing /

I'll complain about the weather if it's hot or if it's cold again /
Captain baldielocks, sun beating down scolds my head /
Hands burning from the roof tiles when I'm holding them /
I'm sweating in a grey tee, at least it isn't cold, I guess /

Err no, now it's winter - nose about to freeze off /
Can't feel my thumb and forefinger when I squeeze, watch /
The pincer movement demonstrated, tell me why I'm here, please /
Gotta make that money come rain or shine, I hate these /

H-D ready telly's, as if my eyes can picture that /
4k crispy image crystal to some fickle cats /
Me I'm rocking old school low definition vision /
Adverts tryna tell me summat, I can't see the flipping difference /

New cars with more sensors, AI to interfere /
People call me dinosaur when it comes to tech, it's clear /
I aren't buying that, still bumping all my favourite tapes /
Got the DJ playing Robin-S if I'm out with mates /

Coz that newer stuff I'll moan about till you can see the cows are back /
Too many in their video's with lasses twerking, counting stacks /
Yeah I groan and grumble to my friends and write a song about it /
I could moan for England though I shouldn't, here's another dousing /

See your poor manners irritate me like you wun't believe /
Is it hard to ask for summat plus the please ? / No. /
British folk proper love a queue /
But never say a word if someone's pushing just to cut in front of you /

Folks on flights with their seats back and shoes off /
Dude, what? It's bad enough to smell the food crop /
Microwavable, hardly fit to consume /
Sardines in a tin, overpriced for a brew /

Need a piss but the toilets unavailable, cousin /
Probably walk in after someone's dropped a bakery's dozen /
Chubby folk keep it under that baggage allowance /
This skinny guys a kilo over paying extra now how is that fair? /

What you whining for? Sounding like a supercharger /
I'll act as if Luke's a martyr if I choose to start again /
And give my two pence on owt that could be bugging me /
Be it wars abroad or how you make my cuppa tea /

How this or that musician in't as good as some I've seen /
But still get shine and play on't radio, it should be me /
Nah, I'm humble with it, mumble under t'breath a lot /
Straws that snapped the camels back; don't take as much to set me off /
Track Name: Alles Gut
Alles Gut ja? - ha.. Far from it /
Got me feeling like I'm clinging to the car bonnet /
Of a speeding driver caught within a police chase /
Throwing punches, but none are hitting these days /

I could dream of plain sailing seven seascapes /
But on the real I feel the pain, I guess my weak state /
Got me hanging by a thread, tryna swing from it /
And when we face the darkness, you can take a swing at it /

My mother says there's not pockets in shrouds /
But I'm still tryna save for the rainy days searching me out /
And every drop that falls to earth from the clouds /
Seems to hit me on it's way to the ground / Alles Gut, right? /

Not really, write it here coz I don't talk to folks /
Few I trust get to listen to my stupid thoughts /
A problem shared and all of that /
But I don't wanna air the awkward facts /
Coz while I'm spinning plates before they're falling flat /

I need paper ones or something to avoid the crash /
Just as my world falls apart on me and all that jazz /
That comes with it, acting like it's no threat /
As if the troubles here are simply in my own head /

And yet I'm looking, knowing I aren't fixing that /
Tryna ease your pain in any way I flipping can /
And to say I've got your back I guess is irony /
And when I look you in the eye, I hope the pain I hide in't seen /

But Life in't so bad /
Got air in my lungs /
A beat in my heart /
The sound of the drums.. it just hurts sometimes /

Sometimes the words are hard to find when I search for them /
When I'd like to fight the hurt within, pen to paper's always served me then /
Better that, I guess, than other things /
Told you drink and drugs help the rest, but, me, I turn to this /

Clinging on so hard never seemed to hurt my grip before /
But now it seems I'm slippin' more, where's that crystal ball /
Need to check the future, certainly I'm fallin' down /
Mate, Alles Gut? Nah it's not, that's why my thoughts are clouded /

And I can force a smile in front of those who matter most /
And it's to those I'd like to raise a glass to have a toast /
Wealth, not so much, health for a certainty /
All the rest come after that, an understated surplus we /

Hope to maintain it, till we're grey and old /
And if you could, would you live forever, maybe so /
Or maybe not, it could drive you crazy coz /
The way it's going would be torment till the day it stopped /

They do say it gets worse, before it gets better /
I hope so, coz if it doesn't, well, my heads messed up /
Enough as it is, yet to figure out the crux or the twist /
Why on earth we're summoned to this /

Place - I'll never understand it, just tryna show some love /
Coz it's a gift your here, despite the shit that comes along /
To wreak havoc with you, even on a sunny day /
Enjoy it while you can, while it lasts, that's the only way /
Track Name: Uncle
Though some things wind you up, you should let them go /
Don't carry that weight around, it's not good for your soul /
When stuffs on top of us, it's hard to see the light /
We all need a helping hand from time to time /

I need to do less complaining and stop grumbling /
Every one gets that shitty stick, find the good within /
And stay humble when it feels like you shouldn't, shit/
No one likes a bighead banging on about how good he is /

And I'm alright at a couple things /
Too blunt for some, if I feel you've done me wrong then I'm gonna swing /
Huh, yeah right, probably catch the silent treatment /
Where I'd rather hold my tongue and deny I'm feeling /

Anything but satisfied /
Hide it, never gratify you by reacting in the way you want, I've practiced my /
Conduct over many years /
And I'm not gonna let you drag me down, especially to a level where I'm shedding tears /

Over spilt milk or the like /
That's why I'm tryna stay the opposite of negative whilst /
I'm passing on good vibes, feel I'm getting them back /
With my close friends and family at the center of that /

They say everything's connected here /
And conscious thought can be passed on to every sphere /
We call 'em atoms, this is what they're made of /
99.9 per cent is space, and the rest, well that makes us /

I'd say that's pretty trippy, ay bro /
And every person born is connected with the same flow of energy /
From the center of the universe to the furthest entity /
Still expanding, many lesson's we /

Are yet to learn, or to understand /
The chance your here is one to grasp, at the same time you've come to pass /
Is it written in the stars, who get's to touch our hearts /
Maybe so, but some days we don't feel up to't task /

Not the only one, and certainly, you aren't alone /
Just have a word with anyone who'll listen to you moan /
And everybody needs an ear to lend /
Expel the thoughts that got you near the end and clear you head /

Though some things wind you up, you should let them go /
Don't carry that weight around, it's not good for your soul /
When stuffs on top of us, it's hard to see the light /
We all need a helping hand from time to time /
Track Name: Late, Afternoon, Summertime, Drunk
Work hard, wanna play hard too but I can't when my wage in't due /
I know I'll see pay day soon, borrowed cash from a mate in't cool /
But at least that'll help me through /

Twenty quid for some drinks in a bar, where you talk more shit when you're pissed as a fart /
Mates jokes might rip you apart, seems banter's a mystical art /

Glimpse birds while I'm sippin' my poison, any glance from the bouncers I'm quick to ignore them /
Eye's shift, hit by disappointment, finding it awkward, smiling; the forfeit /

A girl I once knew glides by with her boyfriend tied to her side, but it's not like I can avoid it /
At least she's happier now than when I was a thorn in her side /

Sometimes life's sweeter than Thornton's still I'm proceeding with caution /
I don't wanna break no hearts or see mine weaken according to someone not putting their all in /

Take a look at my pint, half full's the assessment, still optimistic recalling /
It would have been half empty before I adjusted my thinking adorned with /

Sunshine on a summers day in a beer garden, plus a few cold beers with a couple mates /
Speak more truth here as I cook my brain, and take another sip too filling up my veins /

See the world in a soft focus, left blurred, don't worry bout my lost hopes that get burnt /
Coz I'm thinking of counting the cash in my bank less the tax as soon as the cheques earnt /

Is it human to stress work, yes sir, no sir. Oh is it that time? My round /
Glass empty as I put my pint down and I'll keep drinking till I've drowned /

Any sorrows that I don't wanna face, don't think that I'm coping today /
When tomorrow comes coaxing my brain, still soaking, my hopes that remain flat line to a ghost and decay /
Track Name: Trippin'
You can't sit around forever, doing nothing as your days pass /
Looking at the same surroundings, struggling to change that /
Do summat, make plans, you need to take some chances /
Coz life's a long haul flight, where we fear the landing /

Many up's and down's, the turbulence is part and parcel /
All have felt the pain, and everybody's hearts are scarred too /
Your happiness is on a scale somewhere in-between /
Here and bust, too much fear to clutch your little dreams /

I see your comfort zone, you need to reach outside of it /
Achieving all your goals, if only the desire hit /
And some are walking in designer kicks, but the flyest gear /
Don't define you, it's what's inside, the mind that ticks /

Madonna called it way back; the worlds material /
And everybody's too busy to be hearing you /
Just keep steering true, on course, avoid the ruts /
And change your scenery, coz we've all got a job that sucks /

Now I'm not saying that mine's bad, and some days are worse than others /
Some I don't wanna face, keep my head under covers /
But that's a luxury I can't afford, no /
And I'd like keep positive thoughts at the forefront /
Reaching outside of the box a lot more but /
It's always money and you can't ignore that /

Got me saying yes to more things, every chance I'm jumpin' at /
If you can afford to travel t'four corners, book the damn ticket /
I bought a car with my friends /
And drove to Monaco with Dan, through some countries I'd yet to visit /

Ticking off Belgium, Italy and Luxembourg /
Germany and Liechtenstein, Switzerland, above the Earth /
A couple thousand meters higher than your average /
Looking down on switch back roads that we'd travelled, if /

You can imagine this with mid-summer temperatures /
Amongst the snow capped mountains, this adventurer /
Sittin' tryna soak it in, sippin' coffee blended to the highest standards /
Admire the lands of which we're heading through /

And the final destination, better check the route /
Low tech on the road map plus some guesses too /
Forget the sat nav, the analogue explorer's winning /
Europe's filled with beauty, an I don't just mean the gorgeous women /

Course I'm grinning; ear to ear on some Cheshire cat /
A sunset in any land is beautiful with weather that's /
Hotter than a leather clad biker in a microwave /
When the roofs burning, best be heading for that fire escape /

I guess what I'm tryna say is if I had the money /
I'd pack my goodies in a ruck sack and grab my sunnies /
Grafting for my days off; thinkin' where to go /
I used to hate travelling, now it's 'let's hit the road' /

So now I'm saving a few pennies more than I used to /
Half for some property, the other for a new view /
At times it's tight but I know the score and /
I'm remembering the sunset, the sand and the sea front /
On the French Riviera, the memories'll keep good /
Worth the money and you can't ignore that /
Track Name: We Rise, We Fall
We rise, we fall /
we cry, of course /
We love, we die /
Survive, evolve /

I'll never turn on my own, s'why I'm not at the top /
I do what I do; but what I do isn't what /
You probably chose to include in the tunes that you drop /
And it's true that I'm not tryna prove that I'm hot / watch /

I been doin' it for me since day /
And I've wrote a few tracks just to keep me sane /
And I'm short a few stacks but at least we've saved /
And that's all I do, rap, make beats, sleep, pray /

That I'm walking the right path, I'll know eventually /
... I hope so, and play the part that was sent to me /
I guess it's destiny /
Coz there's no other way I'd have met these people, yes it's meant to be /

And should the day come when my times up /
It'll be too soon, where's the sky plus, hit rewind once /
Maybe change you're mind but, I doubt it /
I'll keep pushing till I reach the top of this mountain /

And sometimes happiness isn't found in /
The obvious places, surroundings /
See this box, I'm trying hard to think outside of it /
And all the while I'm confined to it /

We rise, we fall /
we cry, of course /
We love, we die /
Survive, evolve /

Sometimes it seems all in vain /
And everybody hits a rocky patch, more of the same /
Things got me feeling futile, I'd like to place an order of faith /
But it's hard coz there's a shortage today /

And one man isn't causing a change /
Certain stuff I can fix, but those I can't alter my brain /
And to say I'm feeling useless, well that's an understatement /
I'm at the point where I seem nigh on close to breaking /

Align my hopes to shake it, try to talk to friends /
Some'll listen wishing all the best /
Others under stress have more problems than I could hope to mend /
And some won't listen when you talk to them /

I guess that's what sorts out the wheat from the chaff /
Those who want to stick around, keep on watching your back /
Some move to associates, and that seems a shame /
Won't ever get to pity poor me, again /

And I s'pose that's a reason to change how you treat some people, I'd say /
You shouldn't cut your own nose off, spiting your face /
But when it feels like they've turned, you can guess how I'm feeling today /
Track Name: Crack On
Don't look back /
Raise your head up /
Time won't wait /
You should crack on /

Don't look back /
Raise your head up /
It's not always easy /
You're not alone though /

Yeah, never look back /
Relevant at the time, pressure ever so stacked /
Every head you know's packed with an episode twist /
Many plots, could have lost whatever's making domes tick /

And it's always in the moment, summat seems so important /
I'm keen to report it doesn't mean what it all did /
Way back when it consumed every thought, if /
You knew this back then you'd have walked it, of course /

Give it time's what most say /
And that's sound advice /
Seek guidance and go pray /
But no amount of Christ /
Is likely to soak pain /
A heart's designed to break /
Maybe you'll cry today, or decide to smile and take /

Control of the situation, it's in your hands /
You might wanna lay in bed with any thoughts of your past /
You might wanna get up, face the world, making more plans /
Stay assured that's up to you, walk your own path /

Don't look back /
Raise your head up /
Time won't wait /
You should crack on /

Don't look back /
Raise your head up /
It's not always easy /
You're not alone though /

Sometimes it's easier to give advice than heed when receiving it /
Or put faith in your dreams, coz if you don't then who'll believe in it? /
And though we're back to square one a lot more than we'd like to be /
If it's not two steps behind the first then it's alright with me /

We've all gotta start somewhere /
Try and try again if you fail, but don't give up there /
Any challenges you're given, probably tested all of us /
At some stage or other we might fall but it's important coz /

Every lesson learned guarantees you will improve upon what you did wrong /
Survival of the fittest, need to use you're bonce to diffuse the bombs /
Be it money, clothes or food you want /
Or the woman who's been on your mind confusing you, the lot /

And there's no blueprint or formula /
You can Lose, Win or Draw in pursuit of conforming to /
What you think you should do, just do it say Nike though /
Learn from your past, but don't look back on it that's all /
Track Name: Stay Calm
Pressure gettin' me, but I won't rise to it /
Keep Calm and Carry On and do what I'm doin' /
Can't regret a thing /
And we all look to the past for a lesson like that helps anything /

Don't get suckered in, you probably dodged a bullet /
And all mistakes can be learned from any way you're looking /
But pick that angle wisely and take your blinkers off /
Coz past events unravel differently through tinted gogs /

Got roses smellin' sweeter, and memories telling me to /
Get in touch, when really I should let the dust /
Stay settled, why the hell would you mess it up /
Self-destructive only sated when your head is fucked /

It's best to sleep on it, and catch 40 winks/
See how you feel tomorrow, formulating all the things /
That's circling a mile a minute /
It hurt you then, so why revisit? /

So stay calm, don't rise to it /
Just stay calm, don't rise to it /
Stay calm, don't rise to it /
Just stay calm, don't rise to it /

Still replaying things, I need to let it go /
And what was set in motion then was for the best, I spose /
But summats gettin' me, specially when I see you out /
Coz when the booze is flowing, usually that sends my mouth /

Into over-drive; pouring out my heart to friends /
Even though they're probably tired of listening to me start again /
You see I can't pretend it meant nothing /
But I'm dead stubborn, never show no-one I felt something /

It's only recently I talk to you /
And I'm glad we're friends but sometimes my head is tortured too /
I guess it's awkward, true /
And that's more to do with me, coz I know it's my fault that I walked from you /

I hear songs with lyrics in them that are hitting though /
That album that we talked about has really drilled 'em home /
But don't think I'm waiting round for a second chance /
I'd probably break your heart again, it'd never last /
Track Name: Substance
If only your dreams came true, you'd be paid coz you've paid your dues /
But you won't get nothin' /
Though your needs ain't new, start believing and make that move /
Now ain't that something /
Even great men lose, might fall when they make theirs too /
But you gotta get up then /
And the pain felt through the mistakes can be used to improve /
Reinforcing your substance /

You can dream all you wanna, it's not gonna come true /
Unless your name was Lucy or that's all you've pursued /
An' its a hard fight balancing your dreams and your life /
Though if your dream is paying, then I guess you're alright /

No intentions of gettin' paid, s'not why you do it /
An' if you bought my album, you know what the truth is /
I hold my tongue in cheek, integrity's high /
Though who wants to listen to this idiot whine /

Let-alone fit it to rhyme; you've got nothing to lose /
So what if you fail, it's a lesson to use /
And each time you'll get better, improve /
Don't fester and stew, rise above any negative mood /

An' if it isn't meant to be; c'est la vie /
Set it free, let it go, never keep what in't yours /
Said I'm pleased when I weave many themes to the beats /
I'm at peace, what's achieved's nothing short /

Of a miracle for me; so calm, get the words out /
Don't even try and it's there to be heard now /
Alive on the page, before I've put the verse down /
More to be written, dreams to be searched: found /

Some days you wake smiling, and others you don't /
And if you concede to pressure then your chest'll implode /
If the thoughts that you carry round are weighing you down /
It really helps to talk 'em out, don't be silent, announce /

How it feels, and what's caused it to someone you trust /
Use their perspective, understanding's a must /
Need to comprehend communication's the crux /
That's before you solve the problem or it boots you to touch /

And it's hard not to let things seem overpowering /
But I've no time for the head in sand cowardice /
Every man's soured with a bitterness in their lives /
There's lies the challenge that's beggin' for some air time /

There's always times when it's best to stay quiet, though /
Hold your tongue for the sake of their triumph, so /
If you made your bed, sometimes it's hard laying in it /
Seek some divine intervention, then pray a minute /

I'm not saying this'll make you feel any better /
Or that God cares more for you than the rest together /
You'll never be the same person after such events /
Maybe wiser, your substance reinforced again /